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Laundry Service

Linen Cleaning Company Anne Arundel County

With our laundry service option, you can have AACO Home cleaners wash, dry, fold and put away your clothes while we do your home cleaning. No need to waste your time doing laundry yourself! Our cleaners are laundry experts. Every customer's laundry is looked after separately and diligently by our cleaners, who take great care to preserve the quality of your clothes and fabrics. 
Please note that laundry is only offered as an additional service in conjunction with a home cleaning. We do not provide laundry service by itself. There must be a laundry room in the building or washer / dryer in your apartment to use this service. Customer must provide detergent and fabric softener. Please also note that we do not iron your clothes. 
Please note that we charge extra for this service and you will find that an additional cost for laundry service is standard across the industry which averages about $5 a pound for wash, dry, fold/put away, hang.  
AACO Home specializes in laundry service while doing your home cleaning. Take a deep breath. Smile. Laundry has never felt this easy.
If you have additional questions about this service please feel free to reach out to us at 410.589.2819 or hi@aacohome.com 

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The team at The Anne Arundel Home Services Company was founded to help out our customers, they deserve a break too and it's time to do clean homes and offices our way.  Dont you agree? Contact AACO Home Today!

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Jeff & Mikey w/The Anne Arundel Home Services Company were honestly amazing!  I submitted my info on their website, Jeff called me in like 3 minutes, I sent him a couple photos, provided me with a quote in 10 mins and Mikey was here the following day!  Want to see more reviews? Click Here
Thanks Guys, Christine